Fairytales or Folklore?

It feels like I’m always online and especially always on Twitter. Having said that, I do miss things occasionally. When I re-started with the Grimm fairytale sharing, I automatically went with #FolkloreThursday to post them on Twitter. I didn’t realize that, in my long absence, #FairytaleTuesday had been started some years ago. So, I’m going to go back and retag the entries I’ve already done with the new hashtag and then, from here on out, I’ll start posting the Grimm tales on Tuesdays. #FolkloreThursday has also started creating theme weeks so I think I’m going to do those as well.

I realize that this is of no importance to anyone but me but the reason that I try to do things like this is because, with my ADHD, I need routines. This is something that’s relatively easy, and helps me to focus on something other than school. It’s a way for me to be creative without having to get out the paints and paper scraps and glue because I’m just not always up for that but I need to express myself. Also, I’ve always loved the idea of blogging but, as with journals, I usually wander off after awhile. These hashtags give me something to work towards, even if it’s a simple thing. I always need a focus, or a center, or a starting point. Free-form does not work for me. So, hashtag-driven blogging. I know it seems silly, but it means something to me.

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