Addressing the Problematic Nature of Cataloging and Collection Development

Weirdly enough--or maybe not so weird--the specific use of "illegal immigrants," a term used to dehumanize and deny agency, was a very large sticking point and on July 10, 2016, the LOC was ordered to continue using that subject heading. Many libraries across the country began creating their own subject headings to bypass this and, as of today, right now, the term is still very much in use within the LC Catalog.

Sometimes You Have to Step Out of the Library

But, the only way for libraries to be a place where the entirety of the community is welcome, is to understand the community in its entirety. And this isn’t something that’s necessarily going to be easy.  Librarians have to get to know the people in their communities. All of the people. They have to understand their patrons, and potential patrons and make sure that the library is a place where everyone feels that their needs are being met. 

In Which We Once Again Revisit the Myth of Library Neutrality

**Disclaimer-While I have my MLS, I am not currently a librarian. I'm a PhD student in Rhetoric and I'm a graduate research assistant in the TWU library, where I've worked for 5 years. I also happen to be taking a library school class as an elective. These posts are part of a weekly reading response. … Continue reading In Which We Once Again Revisit the Myth of Library Neutrality