Steampunk Dollhouse Dispatch: In Which We Mourn a Friend and Embark on a Bittersweet Adventure

When I started my podcast in spring 2017 I had no idea what I was doing but I had enthusiasm and I started contacting other steampunk podcasts. I met some amazing people that way, including Flavio Faz, the co-host of Texas Steampunk Connection, along with his partner in crime, Thax, the Gentleman Adventurer. Flavio was kind, and helpful, and always treated me with respect. I liked him immediately.

#FolkloreThursday Returns

Over the last five years or so most of my social media has been all "steampunk, steampunk, steampunk" and "libraries, libraries, libraries." While both of these subjects are near and dear to my heart, they have also been a huge focus of my graduate studies, both as a masters and as a PhD student. They have absorbed my thoughts to the point that I haven't really had the bandwidth to read or even think about much else. And that's a shame, because one of my very favorite things is folklore and fairytales. They were the first stories and books that I loved and that love has never gone away.

Steampunk Dollhouse… sort-of

The Steampunk Dollhouse hasn't been updated in almost 2 years. At this point, it may never be updated again. It just became too difficult to juggle it with my work, school, and home responsibilities. Having said that, the pandemic has done wonders for my desire to hide inside of fantastical fiction lately, and some of the things I've been reading have given me feelings. I want to write about them.