Dispatches from the Steampunk Dollhouse

#FairytaleTuesday: Hans’s Trina

One time Hans returned home at noon and found Trina sleeping again in their room. So he took his knife and cut off her dress at the knees. Trina awoke and thought: ‘It’s time now to go to work.’ However, when she went outside to work and saw that the dress was so short she became frightened and wondered whether she really was Trina and said to herself: ‘Am I or am I not Trina?’

#FairytaleTuesday: Puss in Boots

The younger brother was surprised that the cat could talk but apparently got over that pretty fast and did what the cat asked. After the cat donned his fancy new boots, he gathered up a burlap sack of wheat and went walking away on his back feet. Using the wheat to trap some fat partridges, the cat then went off in search of a king.

#FairytaleTuesday: Dreams of the Ghost Kingdom

In Spring of 2022 , Shannon Quist, an author and adoptee, wrote her Master’s thesis on these gaps in knowledge and the methods that some adoptees have turned to in order to better understand their lives and their stories, including the use of auto-fiction. As you read the following guest post, I ask that you try to look at it through the eyes of someone who didn’t know her story and how her journey–and that of other adoptees–has been one of tales and truth and the ways in which she has sought to find the balance between and write her own story.– Elizabeth

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