Objectives and Policies

Course Objectives
By the end of the semester, I hope that you will be able to:

  • Recognize, define, and utilize the literary terms introduced in the course.
  • Explain the key characteristics of the historical periods, movements, and texts introduced in the course.
  • Compare and contrast the texts, cultures, and themes introduced in the class.
  • Read and discuss secondary materials related to the texts assigned.
  • Formulate an assertion about a text and support it with textual evidence.
  • Contribute the to the existing conversation about the course texts.

Attendance: If you are not present, you cannot participate. If you miss three classes, you will receive a failing participation grade. If you miss four or more classes, you will receive a failing grade for the course. If you know in advance you have to miss a class, talk to me ahead of time and we can try to minimize the side effects. I can be reached by email at
eheadrick@twu.edu or by phone at 940-898-XXXX.

Late work: As a rule, I do not accept late assignments. In extremely extraordinary circumstances and with prior approval I may make an exception to this rule, but your grade on the work will be significantly reduced.

The Write Site: Write Site services are free to all TWU students. Any student can schedule up to two hours of appointments per week to work one-on-one with a writing consultant, who can assist you with any phase of the writing process. I highly recommend that you take advantage of the writing consultants, especially when drafting and revising your individual proposals. To make an appointment, go online to http://www.twu.edu/writesite, call 940-898-2341, or visit the TWU library. Keep in mind that the center is used by the entire university, so it is best to schedule your appointments as early as possible in your writing process.

Academic Dishonesty Statement: Honesty in completing assignments is essential to the mission of the University and to the development of the personal integrity of the student. In submitting graded assignments, students affirm that they have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance, and that they have abided by all other provisions of the Code of Conduct in the TWU Student Handbook. Cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, or other kinds of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will result in appropriate sanctions that may include failing an assignment, failing the class, or being suspended or expelled. Suspected cases in this course may be reported to Student Life. The specific disciplinary process for academic dishonesty is found in the TWU Student Handbook. The TWU library link, “Avoiding Plagiarism,” will aid students in completing their assignments with integrity.

Disability Support Policy Statement: If you anticipate the need for reasonable accommodations to meet the requirements of this course, you must register with the office of Disability Support Services (CFO 106, 940-898-3835, dss@twu.edu) in order to obtain the required official notification of your accommodation needs. Please plan to meet with me by appointment or during office hours to discuss approved accommodations and how my course requirements and activities may impact your ability to fully participate.