Additional Readings

Week 1:
Unmaking the West: “What-If” Scenarios That Rewrite World History, “Counterfactual History: Its Advocates, Its Critics, & Its Uses”

Clockwork Rhetoric: The Language and Style of Steampunk, “Clockwork Counterfactuals: Allohistory and the Steampunk Rhetoric of Inquiry”

Week 2:
Steampunk Practices: Time, Tactility, and a Racial Politics of Touch,” Jenny Sundén

Arley Sorg Reviews Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

Week 3:
“Steampunk as an Indicator of Paradigmatic Shift: Nostalgia for a Time That Never Was,” Dr. Dara Fogel

Dread and Black: A Review of Justina Ireland’s Dread Nation

Week 4:
“Capitalist Monsters,” Steve Shaviro

Review: Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker

Week 5:
Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires and Global Capitalism, Introduction

“Alien-Nation: Zombies, Immigrants, and Millennial Capitalism,” Jean Comaroff, John L. Comaroff

Week 6:
“Analog Incarnations: Steampunk Performance across Time,” Diana M. Pho

Review of The Gaslight Dogs

Week 7:
“Assessing Steampunk’s Future: The Test Case of The Gaslight Dogs,” Terri Doughty

“We the resilient”: colonizing indigeneity in the era of trump,” Julian Reid

Week 8:
“The Book of Esther–A Case Study of Ideological Interpretation,” Julia Schwartzmann

Review: ‘The Book of Esther,’ by Emily Barton

Week 9:
“Steampunk and the Performance of Gender and Sexuality,” Martin Danahay

“Steampunk Anachronisms: Queer Histories of the Digital Humanities,” Roger Whitson

Week 10:
Transcript: “Claiming Narratives, Re-Telling History: Bringing Southeast Asian Steampunk to the World Stage,” Dr. Jaymee Goh

Steampunk and Victorientalism Assessed

Week 11:
“Japanese Neo-Victorian Fictions: Looking Back to the Victorian Age from Japan,” Yui Nakatsuma

The Neo-Victorian Chinese Diaspora: Crossing Genders and Postcolonial Subversion in Pacific Gold Rush Novels Barbara Franchi

Week 12:
“Alice Seeley Harris, the Atrocity Rhetoric of the Congo Reform Movements, and the Demise of King Léopold’s Congo Free State,” Marouf Hasian, Jr

Introduction to Focus: Speculative Fiction

Week 13:
Corporeal Anachronisms: Notes on Affect, Relationality, and Power in Steampunk

WHAT IS STEAMFUNK? Exposing the Big Steampunk Lie!

Week 15:
“Variations on a Name: The –Punks of Our Times,” Dr. Jaymee Goh