Addressing the Problematic Nature of Cataloging and Collection Development

Weirdly enough--or maybe not so weird--the specific use of "illegal immigrants," a term used to dehumanize and deny agency, was a very large sticking point and on July 10, 2016, the LOC was ordered to continue using that subject heading. Many libraries across the country began creating their own subject headings to bypass this and, as of today, right now, the term is still very much in use within the LC Catalog.

No one’s queer in… Portland?

Representation matters. People want to be able to see themselves in books. They just do. And to completely ignore the queer community of Portland is purposeful. You can't write 9 books set mainly in one city and just forget to include queer people. It's not possible, unless you just really truly live a life where you never interact with anyone queer and so don't believe they're that visible and vital.